Who are Bitty & Carolyn?

One of the most common questions we have received from viewers since our first book debut is "Who are Bitty and Carolyn?" In short we are besties who write. We met at work 6 years ago. During happy hour cocktails with desserts and venting about work struggles, we discovered we both had a passion for writing. The rest is history and the HeidtMoore series was born.

Carolyn Jaxson & Bitty Collins

Bitty and I are partners in this writing endeavor and are each contributing to the blog. Sometimes we will identify ourselves, other times it will be up to you to guess. Remember Bitty is British and I'm Southern. Carolyn will write and say "Y'all." Bitty writes and calls her mom, "mum" or "mummy." Bitty also uses words like "the loo," and Carolyn says, "bathroom." Carolyn will watch a movie, Bitty always watches films. Bitty looks at the cocktail menu first, whereas Carolyn always reads the dessert menu first. Are you getting it? We look nothing alike either. Bitty is blonde, Carolyn a brunette. Carolyn has a brown sugar complexion, and Bitty is more gin & tonic creamy. Can I describe ourselves like food and drink? Of course. We have that in common too. Another similarity is that we are both Scorpios! Our birthdays are only 4 days apart and we are 4 years apart!

We have very similar writing styles which makes this collaboration fun and it never seems like work. We love writing together and we make progress on our own time as well. Bitty & Carolyn have writing sessions all over the city. Some of our favorite spots are; Starbucks, Royal Blue Grocery, Mi Cocina, Seasons 52, and Klyde Warren Park. Our favorite spot has to be at Carolyn's house, when her husband cooks and has the wine ready! Our writing sessions usually begin as therapy sessions, re-living the most recent work obstacles and stresses. Then about 1 glass/1 cookie in, we merge into a conversation about a specific character or scenario that we want to translate into our story. For our first book, "Personal Appearances Are Everything," it took us a while to decide what characters would be core to the series. And it took us a while to edit, as we wanted to stay true to ourselves. For example, we would have serious conversations over certain words to use in the text, while drinking maybe 2 or 3 glasses of wine, plus eating a few scoops of ice cream. Would some words be too British for an American audience? Are Carolyn's quirky comments funny to everyone, or just her (me) and Bitty? The sessions would end, as we realized we might be getting tipsy or too stuffed. Or when we finished getting our ideas on paper (typed in the computer).

Typical snacks

Bitty and Carolyn love fashion and have a heart for retail. We work hard and we play hard. Our department store daily experiences spur the ideas for the HeidtMoore. We love that you are on this journey with us and want to hear all about your retail experiences. The HeidtMoore Girls as we jokingly, yet seriously refer to ourselves are co-workers, best friends, authors with a sisterly love determined to make this side hustle a reality beyond our wildest dreams!

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