What do books, babies and bananas have in common?

This past Wednesday the HeidtMoore girls were in Destin Florida, enjoying the sun, sea and lots of sand (I found sand on my toothbrush this morning!). But it wasn’t all fun and games at the beach. We were in town for a very special book signing event at The Dressing Room Boutique.

This fabulous store carries everything and anything a woman would want to make her wardrobe stylish and chic; from the fabulous Miller Maxi dresses in shades of coral and deep sea blue - perfect to go from beach to cockatils, to hot pink Isle of Capri straw totes. We were in heaven! There was no time to shop however, we needed to get to the business at hand, which was selling books. And that we did in great abundance.

We met lots of fun and interesting people, who were eager to read PERSONAL APPEARANCES ARE EVERYTHING. This is our chic lit book about the shenanigans working in a fictional high end department store called the HeidtMoore (In case you didn’t already know 😉)

Then we had a few very unexpected guests join us at the table. A gorgeous yummy, mummy walked in to the store with her beautiful 5 month old twin babies, who were quickly passed on to us to hold - much to our delight. The arrival of the infants prompted the store owners’ 3 year old son to come over and see what all the fuss was about. Before we knew it, it was all talk of breast feeding, book sales and fashion finds.

The day was bananas and we loved it!

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