What are you reading this Memorial Day weekend?


Perhaps you might be reading our new book, Online Or Off over the weekend? If you haven't read it yet, this is a great time to do so! Aside from reading Online Or Off, most importantly, this is a time to reflect on all of the wonderful, courageous men and woman who serve our country, and remember those who have gone before us. 🙏🏼 If any one of our HeidtMoore fans have served or are currently serving, please write us a note and let us know. We would love to hear from you.

It is curious to reflect back on where we were this time last year. Covid was in full force and the mask mandate in place. Now, in 2021, the restrictions are loosening and it feels wonderful to sort of "get back to normal", as it were. For some people, they continued to live their lives and refused to believe that the pandemic was going to stop them. Each to their own. For many, though, there were moments of stress and remarkable sadness at loosing friends and family and living in a world that had been completely shut down; couldn't travel abroad (still tricky), visit the supermarket, put kids in school, celebrate prom or go to church. However, during this time, sales for Personal Appearances Are Everything sky rocketed, which was incredible. People needed an escape. That is one thing about the HeidtMoore book series, it offers people a glimpse in to a fantastical world of high end retail, luxury and opulence. The HeidtMoore girls decided to go full steam ahead and publish their second book, knowing our readers were longing for light relief from the daily struggles and uncertainties.

What are Bitty and Carolyn doing over the weekend? Well, Bitty is building websites and Carolyn is driving to the pot farm. Life is good! Next week, B & C get back to the business of marketing our book series and engaging in one or two very high level meetings. Stay tuned!

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