Tis’ the season

To be jolly, unless...you work in retail. Oh, just kidding! It’s not so bad. Is it? Finding that last minute gift for a desperate husband, unsure what would be pleasing to his wife he hardly knows anymore because of all the hours he’s put in to work becoming partner at his law firm. Or helping deliver 14k worth of packages to a clients home, only to be told they aren’t good enough, despite the time you put in individually wrapping each item, and they will probably return the merchandise. Thank you Mr. CEO for making Christmas so merry. Sigh. Then there’s the older lady who calls to let you know the entire fine apparel floor should be fired because the blouse she wanted was no longer in stock. Ho, Ho, Ho. Lady, the answer is no. Particularly right before Christmas. On a brighter note, not everyone feels doom and gloom when they shop retail. No. In fact, they take it a step further. Or several steps, in to the dressing room and on to the floor for a quickie. In England we call it a “shag”. You have to call loss prevention to ask the couple to get dressed and get out.

Then you have clients who are so appreciative of your help and generally thank you for taking the time to assist them with the simplest task, like finding the last cheese straw cracker box in the company, a twenty dollar tin of biscuits.

So you see it is hard to forget exactly why we celebrate Christmas in the first place. But it was the baby born in a manager. That simple truth is why we celebrate.

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