Tech Trouble

Tech trouble. Who hasn’t experienced the perils of “server down” or the ominous “404” error code? It’s enough to drive one to drink, which is exactly what Bitty did the other day when her website wouldn’t work!

Its a cruel world and not even Rosie The Wonderdog was able to offer much comfort.

So what happens in the wild world of retail when these sorts of issues happen? Chaos for one thing. Work lost, invaluable time wasted and lots of miscommunication - fun times. Of course the problem is global, not just regulated to one small fraction of a department store (for instance). When did all of this outsourcing begin? Why is it that when one calls the “help” desk, the unfamiliar voice at the other end is barely audible? Like, they live in some foreign far off country?

In Bitty and Carolyn’s second book aptly named, Online Or Off, they go in to detail about this very subject. But tech issues aren’t the only thing hurting the HeidtMoore department store. Can new technology save them or send the famous store further down the path to bankruptcy?

Readers, pick up a copy today and tell the HeidtMoore girls your thoughts!

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