Catchy title huh? Well I don't have the coronavirus. Thank the Lord. I am POSITIVE that this time has not been all bad. I'm in no way discounting the affect this pandemic has had on millions of people. It's serious. But I would like to share that there are some positive and good results in this season of change. I do have many days of anxiety, doubt, and feeling negative like so many of us. But there have also been a lot of good days.

This post is simply to share some experiences in hopes that some will relate and may see a few of the silver linings. I can't believe it's been 8 months since I lost my job. That is nearly a year in my new role as "Stay At Home Mom." Since I became a mother 16 years ago I've always worked outside the home putting in close to 60 or more hours a week in the retail world. What a difference this time has made. I have had time to learn how to cook. I still prefer baking, but I can now successfully make a yummy pot pie to go along with my perfected oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. It's embarrassing that I will be 45 next week (that's not the embarrassing part)... It's that I only learned to bake a chicken and make meat loaf this year! Why you ask, well my time before was spent trying to convince a customer that the $50K multi-gemstone and diamond bracelet was an actual need for the anniversary and the $80K sable fur coat was an investment piece. All true of course, but that is a skill that takes time and attention. Without the stress of making the sale I've been able to focus my time on what basting is and how ketchup and brown sugar really can go together. Added to that, the quarantine has given us family meals together! You know, where all members of the family sit down at a table together and have face to face conversations. It reminds me of my childhood. You should try it!

We would love some comments with recipes and family meals!

We would love for you to share some of your favorite recipes

This required stay-at-home time forced me to clean out and purge. I found VHS tapes and old letters from friends. Remember before email?! I also have realized I only really wear about 30 items a week, which as we all know are "comfy clothes." I do miss make-up, fixing my hair, a nice mani-pedi, and wearing high heels. But miss it enough to actually do it... no. Just miss enough to think about the times before, as my son says, "this stupid virus." A silver lining to "this stupid virus" is learning to mow the lawn. Which I have to say was quite fun, a good workout, and for my type A obsessive personality a big thrill. Making the lines straight and form a pattern was a similar feeling to having the highest department sales for the week.

What is something new you have taught yourself in the past 6 months?

And it wouldn't be a Covid19 post without mentioning WFH. Working From Home. It's a thing. It's different, but I think I like it. Many friends and family members are also adjusting to this new normal. Businesses hope it will allow employees to be more productive. There will less overhead costs and more efficiencies all around. Time will tell. For me, I've realized that my most productive work time is in the morning after a nice workout. And again right before bedtime. I like the afternoon free for "me time" or self-care as they call it now.

What is your most productive work time?

As we near the end of 2020, will our hindsight be all negative? I hope not. Look for the positives. Sure there will be days like yesterday when I got a zit on my chin and cried. Or like a few days ago when I got all shaky because I wasn't sure about how a bill was going to be paid. Or last week when I yelled at my son for sneaking chips to his room (seriously, lost it). Thank God for faith, hope and love. Are you POSITIVE or negative?

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