Part II - HeidtMoore Goes to Hollywood

One of the great things about Hollywood is just how diverse it is. For instance, one could stay in Beverly Hills or one could stay in....a very sketchy part of Hollywood, a place no one has ever heard of. And the HeidtMoore girls did just that.

The locals

Carolyn walks down scary hallway

This was not what the HeidtMoore girls had expected, as they arrived at the hotel on the first night of their LA business trip. On the contrary, they imagined glamour, sophistication and a hotel with a fully stocked bar. The hotel they entered was grim. That’s putting it mildly.

It resembled hotel Cecil and if anyone has seen the popular Netflix show, that’s really scary. The final straw for Bitty was when, in the morning, the hairdryer didn’t work. For Carolyn, it was the popcorn ceiling and the stains on the curtains. They booked a new place to stay immediately.

Bitty in her new digs

The HeidtMoore girls arrived at their new hotel and thankfully there was a fully stocked bar and the hairdryer worked. There weren’t any homeless people around either, being pushed around in shopping carts. There was one odd thing though, the room was covered in...mirrors 😳 What was that about? Bitty and Carolyn decided to not ask any questions and go out for dinner at the glamorous Beverly Hills hotel.


The final hotel destination for the HeidtMoore girls was a smart hotel in the Design district which served complimentary wine, much to Bitty’s delight. The room was huge. Much larger than most apartments and came with a fireplace, kitchen, coffee maker, huge bathroom, and outside terrace. Perfect for the final night of their stay. Later that night, Bitty and Carolyn went to meet former colleague and industry expert at a fabulous restaurant named, Ysabel. The food and drink were divine and Bitty almost forgot the purpose of meeting; to sell more books. And Bitty and Carolyn did just that. 🎉

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