Laughter makes it better. Don't you agree?

The past two mornings I have started the day laughing. Why? Because my bestie Bitty posted something hilarious on Instagram yesterday and then this morning I was cleaning up my photos on my phone and came across our "Tying a Scarf" video. Which if you haven't seen, please visit our new YouTube page https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9Gx4wgD0durivfrc-9j_4w?view_as=subscriber

Laughing really does make a lot of things better. Like when you dread going to work on a Saturday when it is 70 degrees and beautiful outside. Laughing just changed my sour attitude. I think it also keeps you young. Of course we can try all the beauty products in the world, and have nips and tucks, but smiling and laughing is free. Can't beat free!

When was the last time you laughed so hard your sides hurt, you couldn't breathe, you nearly wet your pants? I can think of some of the best scenarios growing up that had these effects. One time when I was in junior high my best friend fell down the stairs and literally slid into her room. She was okay and we laughed so hard. Or time in high school when two of my dearest friends were running late to class, they tripped and again slid into class. Okay, all things uncoordinated and could result in injury don't always make me laugh. But once I know the person is okay, it does make for fun entertainment. Another time, my closest friend and I went to Seattle to run a half-marathon. Well, that in itself is pretty funny. But it was my second half and her first. We got into town and were sightseeing the day before. It was 2012 and we were using Siri on the phone to find directions. Siri was not cooperating (probably user error, but who would admit that :) and we nearly wet our pants from screaming at the phone. And lately, anytime I am with Bitty on our book adventures we always laugh. We need book sales of course, that is the goal, but looking back at our first year of this project the laughs we have shared are what made the first year of "Personal Appearances Are Everything" a winning year!

We published the novel March 2019, had a few events and signings, sold a lot, and had a million laughs! Cheers to this next year, stay tuned for the second book in the trilogy "Online or Off" and more videos on YouTube to make you laugh. We would love to hear what makes you laugh! Send us a story info@heidtmoore.com or IM us @heidtmoore

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