IWD, how are you celebrating?

March 8, International Women's Day. A celebration of women.

A somewhat random holiday, but I think nowadays there is a pseudo holiday for everything: National Ice Cream Sandwich day (Aug 2), Napping Day (Mar 9), Awkward Moments Day (Mar 18), etc. Today I am proud to be a woman, and will celebrate by eating ice cream -duh- , taking a nap, and having plenty of awkward moments. How will you celebrate? Or is it just another Sunday Funday?

One could reflect on accomplishments as women. Like a lot of women we surround ourselves with, Bitty and I are in the full time work force. Spending 50 plus hours a week working in retail. One industry with a lot of women. Not only do we have full time jobs, but we also are women with a side hustle--we are published authors! And bonus, we are both moms. Bitty's role as a mom to a four-legged "kiddo" is a role she takes very seriously and consumes her whole heart. Carolyn's role as a mom to a teenager is a new adventure every. single. day. These are roles to celebrate today as women! Celebrate your passion, your drive, your emotional rollercoaster, your beauty, your talents, your friendships, and your family's. And do it today because tomorrow is not only National Napping Day, but also:

National Meatball Day and National Landline Telephone Day!

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