Is there a market for surgical fashion?

Today Bitty Collins went into surgery. Foot surgery! Specifically “boy-yaaawn” surgery AKA bunion 🙄, rhymes with onion.

Two things were very curious...the various shades of surgical garments on the doctors and nurses and the second thing, the prison Grey BOOT one is supposed to wear following the surgery.

Why? Interestingly enough, there are several couture designers who are putting their stamp on the good old surgical boot. Givenchy for one. Recall a time when Audrey Hepburn exclusively wore the designer Can you see her in the Velcro, crossover, platform shoe?

Enough about shoe fashion. The nice nurse purchased PERSONAL APPEARANCES ARE EVERYTHING! (After she got the HeidtMoore business card) That’s great. And Bitty is now couching, with two ice packs and a warm blanket. Bye for now...The medication is kicking in 🤪

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