HeidtMoore Resolutions?

To finish book two! Maybe there are more resolutions but that is the main one. The good news is that we are ahead of schedule due to weekly meetings and margaritas. Yes, the good old margarita. A loyal friend to me and Carolyn during our writing process.

The book we are working on is called, Online Or Off, and is set at the HeidtMoore department store during the holiday season. All chaos ensues as the HeidtMoore is struggling financially and must makes its sales goals otherwise they are faced with closure and layoffs for thousands of workers.

The solution: a collaboration with a well known, lower priced, retailer. What could possibly go wrong?

The mystery is solved with the missing store manager, the infamous Mr. Heidt and Sparkle, the highly strung sales associate, has an unexpected “gift” from someone in the store. But what of our main character, Mary? Will her burgeoning romance with Nacho, the strong and sexy LP manager, survive his career ambitions?

You will just have to read to find out...

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