HeidtMoore Goes to Hollywood

Just two weeks ago the HeidtMoore girls were in LA. What were they doing there? Good question! Business meetings but mostly eating and drinking. Why not?

Selling books on Malibu beach.

The food was amazing and the drinks were delicious, if a little steep in price. This trip had been in the works for over a year. In fact, the girls were meant to be there last March but the Covid-19 virus started shutting down the world and flights were cancelled, businesses shut down and chaos ensued. One year later, LA was still pretty shut down and eating was permitted outdoors only. Thankfully the weather was perfect so that wasn’t a problem.

Bitty eats at the Ivy.

Carolyn drinks at the Ivy.

Bitty went to her favorite store, Kitson and was able to have the HeidtMoore girls first book, Personal Appearances Are Everything, displayed. What an honor! Carolyn went to a pot store that was pretty awesome, as it resembled an Apple store but instead of computers there were various cannabis options. Not bad and so Carolyn could pick up some goodies (research) to take back to the farm. What did Bitty purchase in LA? Not cannabis but she did get a lovely new dress (for a future book signing maybe?) from her favorite store, Neiman Marcus.

Hello, lover.

As all of you avid readers know, the HeidtMoore series of books is based on real life stories, working in the fast paced world of luxury retail. The premise of the series is about one girls’ dream to work in the most magnificent store in the world but when she starts her new role she realizes not all is what it appears to be - shiny on the outside, rotten and decayed in the inside. As everyone knows, personal appearances ARE everything, and the HeidtMoore department store is no exception. And neither is Hollywood....Bitty and Carolyn DID experience something very bizarre on their night at the “Hollywood“ hotel. But you will have to wait for the next LA edition of the newsletter...

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