Yes, it may be the title for our next book after the HeidtMoore trilogy is complete. For now, it's a simple hashtag to describe the fun Labor Day weekend. Bitty packed her duffle bag (that's country for "carry-on") and went to visit Carolyn at her farm in Oklahoma. She realized she was far from the city when she passed the Booze n Bait dive bar.

Rosie in tow, helped us stay focused while working on the book. She also loved running in the cannabis farm. Farm life makes you appreciate the little things, like long walks in the middle of nowhere. Fresh farm to table food. And of course, recipes handed down from one generation to the next, like these amazing cinnamon rolls.

The Fall Collection was an added attraction for the weekend. Bitty and Carolyn watched the chickies shuffle around the yard. They posed for a few photos and really enjoyed #personalappearancesareeverything.

In relation to fashion, the only items you really need on a farm are: jeans, a denim shirt, some shoes you don't mind getting filthy, and wine and/or margaritas and ice cream of course. Leave the make-up and designer handbags in the city closet. Don't worry about your next Balayage because your hair is up most of the time. It really is the simple life.

From simple strolls through the countryside, or wandering up and down the aisles in the local Tractor Supply store to visiting the holiday yard sale in a small town and sitting on the front porch with a margarita #fashiontofarming is a fun break from city life.

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