Code and chickens

Well, well, well...what do the HeidtMoore girls get up to, when they aren’t writing their latest book, ”Online or Off”? Carolyn moved to Oklahoma (only temporarily) to build and live on a pot farm. And she’s raising adorable chickens, each one named after one of HeidtMoore’s famous fashion designers; Versace, Dior, Chanel...

Bitty has been coding. What does that mean? Who knows! It’s very exciting and she is learning lots about API’s, JavaScript, Bootstrap...

Nothing like some glamorous chickens on a farm. Maybe we‘ll start selling some HeidtMoore eggs?

Just a bit of code. Need a new website? Bitty’s your girl!

But, we hear you ask, what about your second book? It’s on it‘s way! Yes, “Online or Off” will be arriving soon! When we say soon, we’re looking at November. Just in time for the holidays and guess what? Our fabulous New book takes place in the holiday season. You thought book one was wild. You haven’t seen anything yet. Lots of shenanigans go on and endless amounts of fun.

Need a perfect gift? We have just the book for you!

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