But why?

Why is it that when you are a writer, the hardest thing in the world is writing? Why? It doesn't make sense. So, needless to say, here we are writing a blog about writing when we don’t really want to write a thing. 😂

But seriously, writing is no joke, the HeidtMoore girls have two books published, two launch parties under their belt, several hundred copies sold (give or take a few…who’s counting? 🙃), several awesome collaborations ranging from Macy’s to independent bookstores to 7Eleven, and a podcast in the works. The HeidtMoore girls never stop working! Also - thank you Bitty - they have an idea about publishing a cookbook! Something like, “Retail Recipes”. Yes! Exciting? Very! But do the HeidtMoore girls cook? Not very much.

What would you like to see next from the HeidtMoore girls?

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