Book 2 Sneak Peak

Our second book in the HeidtMoore trilogy has been complete for some time now. But the editing stage seems to take just as long. It has been a crazy year of layoffs and CoVid which has meant somewhat finding a new way of life. For years my daily routine consisted of morning Starbucks runs, meetings, new products, customer issues, big sales, personal appearances by designers, shopping, evening events with co-workers, etc. Then suddenly all of that stopped. Several things of course have remained constant for me. I am still a wife, a mom, and a writer with lots of responsibilities. And of course, like everyone, tons of other obligations. My house still needs cleaned and I still have bills to pay.

Bitty and I have maintained focus and kept the dream alive with ONLINE OR OFF. Similar to the first book, PERSONAL APPEARANCES ARE EVERYTHING, situations we write about that seem so out of this world and unimaginable, have actually came true. It's a very strange feeling to write something made up and bogus, only to be hearing about it later in the news. But it's also exciting and motivating.

ONLINE OR OFF explores how technology is effecting luxury retail. Our central character Mary has been working at the HeidtMoore for many months and each day brings new apps and downloads. The book begins as summer is winding down and the fall season is around the corner. The HeidtMoore is gearing up for the holiday season. All to familiar! We can't wait for you to take the journey with Mary as she continues to discover what is online or off.

Here is a sneak peak:

Beep. Beep. Beep beep.

Mary rolled to her side pulling the covers up trying to stay warm. She woke up feeling extremely cold. Her teeth were chattering. It was so cold she didn’t even want to get out of bed and check the air conditioning. Instead, Mary opened one eye and glanced towards the alarm clock flashing 5:30 AM, then rolled back over onto her other side. She nestled deeply in the warm covers, not wanting to get out, let alone get ready for a run. She dozed off for another minute, her mind going back to the frozen tundra.

“Good morning Mary it’s 5:35am.”

Mary opened one eye again and glanced over to the Alexa speaker, now playing “Cold” by Maroon 5.

“Alexa turn off music,” whispered Mary feeling incredibly groggy. The music continued to play, Alexa not having heard Mary’s command.

“Alexa! Turn OFF the music,” she said, a little louder.

Once again, Mary pushed her head under the covers, hoping to get another few minutes of sleep.

A moment later, her Fitbit watch started beeping at the exact moment her Apple TV turned on with the local news. Why couldn’t she just sleep a little longer? It was reporter, Linda Langley, on the local news, announcing a cold front headed to Dallas for the weekend.

“An unusual cold front will be hitting Dallas. Expect to see temperatures dive down dramatically over the next week or so. Will this be a driver for retailers? Only time will tell. But one things for sure, you’ll want to dress up warm folks! Bye for now. Linda Langley, reporting from channel eight, local news.”

Mary made it a habit to listen to the news every morning for the latest in retail news.

Unbelievable. It was mid-August. Way too early for Texas to be getting a cold front. Mary sighed and decided it was time to get out of bed. Her long days at the HeidtMoore department store were exhausting.

How do your days start? Are you ready for cooler temperatures? Are you ready for:

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