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Welcome to the HeidtMoore

The HeidtMoore, the finest and most prestigious department store in the United States, if not the world.  It is a glamorous Mecca for fashionistas, society figures, movie stars...and now Mary.  She is a recent college graduate with big dreams.  From her first day in the store she quickly realizes nothing is what it appears to be and has to discover the HeidtMoore has a very dark secret.  Amidst the chaos she finds love, but will she be able to survive the cut throat world of luxury retail? 


This book gives all the behind the scenes adventures loaded with a healthy dollop of romance.

Kathryn Lane, 

Internationally acclaimed author of the SHEIKH SERIES

It's a good romp through the crazy world of high end retail!

Dr. Kit Preston

This fast-paced shopping experience wraps up Mary's life in retail like a perfectly tied bow atop this year's must-haves, you simply can't put it down!

Very cute, light reading with a lot of bizarre twists.

Former Dallas retail executive

There are funny stories that will have you laughing out loud if you have ever worked in the retail or service industry and little surprises throughout that will keep you hooked. 

N. Hudson, Corporate HR Manager

The authors give a humorous look behind the scenes at different departments in each chapter. They show not only what it's like to work in the service & retail industry today, but also to be a customer as well. 

J. Burge, Selling & Service Manager

Dawnita Fogleman, Staff Writer

Woodward News