A trilogy based on real life experiences in the wild world of retail.  Follow Mary, a young college graduate who steps foot into the famous HeidtMoore department store.  She learns first hand how Personal Appearances Are Everything.  She then realizes how technology is both a help and a major hindrance in Online or Off.  Will Mary make it to the top or will it be No Way Out?  We invite you to explore the ups and downs of working in retail, following Mary on her journey as she finds love, figures out friendships, and fights for promotions.  

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Personal appearances are everything


The HeidtMoore is the finest and most prestigious department store in the United States, if not the world.  It is an exclusive and glamorous mecca for fashionistas, society figures, movie stars...and , now, Mary, a recent college graduate with big dreams.  During her first day at the store, Mary realizes nothing is what it appears to be, but has yet to discover that the HeidtMoore has a very dark secret.  Amid the chaos she finds love, but will shoe be able to survive the cutthroat and vicious world of luxury retail?  Based on real-life events, Personal Appearances Are Everything is a one-of-a-kind novel that will take you on a wild journey and make you reconsider all appearances on your next shopping trip. 

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Online or off


In a desperate bid for the HeidtMoore department store to remain open the store collaborates with another well known retailer.  This happens during the holiday season.  HeidtMoore traditions are pushed aside as new technology is forced upon its associates.  HeidtMoore metrics reach insane levels as Boggs and Sloan deal out daily measures.  Despite her on again romance with Nacho, Mary realizes this season is completely #offline.  Will the HeidtMoore survive one more holiday season?  Will Mary and Nacho finally "Netflix and chill?" Based on real-life events, Online or Off takes you deeper into the the wild world of retail and the fast paced changes in modern day luxury.  Champagne wishes and retail nightmares continue.

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no way out


Stay tuned!  Mary realizes the true meaning of retail life.