BITTY COLLINS has been writing about the trials and tribulations of the retail world for years.  Born and raised in England, it wasn't until she moved to Texas that she got her first taste of retail, in a swanky bridal salon.  This background gave her the content for several plays that were produced in New York, where she lived for a decade.


CAROLYN JAXSON was destined for a career in retail and grew up playing store as a child.  This passion paved the way for future successes in luxurious shops like DeBeers and Neiman Marcus, where she first met Bitty.  When she discovered that the two were writing parallel stories about retail, they began collaborating and the HeidtMoore series was born. 

The two authors enjoy writing the chick-lit series and have fun promoting book sales through book signings and promotional parties!  Check our calendar of events for where you will find the HeidtMoore girls next.